Things to consider while selecting the right technology for your Ecommerce Website development


Modern websites are being built by using a myriad of modern technologies. You don’t actually need to be a pro in these technologies to keep your website going but it is good to be familiarized with the pros and cons that these technologies provide to understand the long term impacts on your website. There is no such “right technology” as such, instead a number of factors decide which technology would be the best for your website. Here’s how to make the correct choice.

Understanding the requirements

The very first step for selecting the right technology for the ecommerce website development is to have a thorough discussion with the clients as to what actually are their objectives and goals. What they are actually trying to accomplish and what are their weak points that they are trying to overcome by using the technology. If the proposed technology sounds fine then go for it otherwise look for alternate options.

Project type

For small projects that need to be delivered in the shortest span of time, simple technologies like the Word press or CMS should be used. For mid range projects, a blend of different programming languages is required, to allow seamless integration and functionalities across various platforms. Java and C# are the commonly used technologies for these projects. For complex projects like social networks and massive Ecommerce marketplaces the developers need to create specific web apps with different functionalities.

Team’s expertise


Creative web development ideas are based upon the level of expertise that the web development team possesses to work with various technologies. The responsibility of the development team does not end just by choosing the right technology for the ecommerce website development. They also need to work with the technology after the website launch. So choose that technology that has rich documentation and a skilled developer team behind to support.


Choosing the right technology for the ecommerce website development company in Delhi depends on the scalability of the proposed technology.  It is the ability of the technology to handle work load and pressure. With the increasing number of users the workload spurts, the technology should be such so as to handle the future spikes and growth.


Creative web development ideas involve implementing the right technology that can be maintained throughout the projects. This in turn depends on factors like the codebase of the technology used and the basic architecture of the software. A too lengthy code need a long processing time while a too concise code creates proper debugging issues. So choosing the right technology with a short and maintainable code would be a wise idea. Software architecture influences the static and dynamic component configurations so choosing the right technology with maintainable software architecture is a much challenging task.

Time to launch

It is a challenging task to launch a product on the specific product launch date, given so many uncertainties that come in the way of product launching.  When you are choosing the technology for your website, make sure to consider this “time to launch” factor. If the technology needs a lot of time in testing and developing then you may not make the launching on time. The lesser the testing and development time the more lucrative it will be for the company as it will be cheaper in that case.

The development cost

Most of the technologies and tools are free but you may have to pay some fess for the advanced features that they offer. So it depends on how much more you are ready to pay for an Ecommerce website development company in Delhi.You will however get a license to use the technology that you wish to implement. So before taking any final decision you should compare the usability of the features of that particular technology and the cost of it.

So in order to choose the right technology for your website you need to go though the above points and understand your project requirements thoroughly.


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Thought by …. Divyajot Singh

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