To avail any of our existing services, registration needs to be done at our website Rapidbooster also provides services through WAP, telephone search, or SMS. While registering, you will be required to provide us with your name, date of birth, educational qualification, address of residence, address of workplace, or anything else related to personal information. Three main uses of the personal information are – customization of the viewing content, the fulfillment of specific service requests, and to generate an additional path of contacting you regarding our services other than the regular communications. In any Media, this policy is valid for any disclosed personal information, unless stated otherwise. This policy is mainly used to demonstrate the good faith of ours. Whatever personal information that you will share with us as a media user, we are under the commitment of protecting the confidentiality and the privacy of the personal information.

Any organizations practices not owned by us, or for the people who are neither under our management nor employed by us, this policy does not hold.

The confidentiality in personal information will be maintained. We will, however, use it for marketing, research, and for strategically analyzing the objectives of the clients or business needs which are internal. Personal information is neither rented nor sold by us. The only exception, in this case, is when you are one of our search service customers. Only then, the sharing of personal information will be done with the advertisers/subscribers. Your consent will be asked for doing so as well. Our listed advertisers/subscribers may call you as well. The enquiries will be mainly regarding

  • Product/Service or
  • Product/Service of any advertiser/subscriber or
  • Product/Service of any specific advertiser/subscriber.

Additionally, one or more conditions where we can share personal information is

If we do get the consent regarding the sharing of your personal information, or have the permission beforehand or

If court orders ask us to share it.

To provide confidentiality to the personal information that we collect online, we have taken measures. These measures include different physical processes, electronic security, and managerial workings to provide safety to personal information.

Your account preferences and information can be edited by you whenever you want. We also allow you to approach us about contacting you regarding new services. Identity verification is done before you can edit your account to maintain privacy and provide security.

You have to acknowledge your voluntary disclosure of personal information. Before any service is availed or any registration process is completed, you have the decision whether to share personal information or not. This decision solely rests with you. In such cases, however, the registration will not be finished, and our services will thus, not be available to you.

In case you belong in the group of our corporate customers, you are likely to have a separate contract with us. This contract states that confidential information will not be disclosed. Any such existing contracts will not be affected in any way by this policy.

Any questions, queries, or concerns that you may have regarding the privacy policies, you can mail us at to get it resolved.

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